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Troubled Neighborhoods

Troubled Neighborhoods
Blight in Gallatin - a slideshow- click on picture *Note some properties have been improved: see "Improved Properties" below

The Heart of Gallatin Neighborhood Initiative

Gallatin, TN's central city neighborhoods need improvement.Run-down, falling-down, and neglected properties affect the city's image and quality of life.

The Heart of Gallatin Neighborhood Initiative will assist homeowners in the historic and architecturally significant Central City in making their neighborhoods safe, green and attractive -- thus, helping preserve property values and neighborhood integrity.

*** Note*** Some of the pictured 'troubled' properties have been improved since the time of the photos' posting (early 2009.) One has burned down.

We will always strive to picture the new and improved property. We want to encourage fix-up and applaud those who do so, and wish to publicly acknowledge them on this website. See below for the 'befores' and 'afters.'


--clean out criminal elements in our neighborhoods
--clean up trash and debris
--build up by improving existing structures

We will accomplish the first two goals by:

-- facilitating a working relationship between troubled neighborhoods and law enforcement, and City codes and public works departments

--organizing neighborhoods in regularly-scheduled, well-publicized large-scale clean-up days; providing means to remove and discard debris, appliances, tires and trash

-- encouraging standards for rental properties with enforceable penalties for chronic slumlord offenders

We will then "build up:" Gallatin needs affordable low- and mid-range housing.

Our core, central neighborhoods can be revitalized to fulfill this need.

Architecturally significant homes in once vital, safe and attractive neighborhoods can be restored; those beyond hope can be used to recycle their building materials into restoration of still viable homes.

Economic development in areas where these properties are located will follow.

We need all our citizens' help to realize this goal.

City government, 'heart of Gallatin' residents, community groups, churches and those who want to invest in the central city's economic future must work together.

Let's do it!

Gang graffiti or "just" 'tagging?'

Gang graffiti or "just" 'tagging?'
. . . either way, Gallatin doesn't need it!

Graffiti: it's Vandalism!


Tagging is not an art form or about expressing oneself.

It is vandalism and the destruction of private and public property.

Tagging is any unauthorized marking, etching, scratching, drawing, painting or defacing of any surface of public, private, real or personal property.

Tagging causes blight in our community resulting in a genuine threat to the quality of life, incalculable economic losses to businesses, and can lead to the general deterioration of the area in which you live or work.

The eradication of graffiti is a huge drain on the City’s resources in both cost and manpower. In most cases, the difference between graffiti being art or a crime is PERMISSION!


Each gang has its own unique symbols and cryptic writing.

Gang graffiti is not art work, it is sophisticated communication that publicizes the gangs power, status, marks territory, sends messages, and warns intruders.

Graffiti upside down or crossed out is generally a put down or threat to a rival gang or person. Death warrants and beat downs are known to be posted in graffiti.

Remember the 4 R's of graffiti
Read it: Gang graffiti can be dangerous, remember it can contain an outright threat
Record it: Graffiti should be photographed for future use
Report it: Graffiti should be reported to your local law enforcement agency
Remove it: Graffiti should be removed as soon as possible after it is discovered

Tired of Tires?

Tired of Tires?
. . . a major contributor to blight

3 BILLION old tires are in US landfills

3 BILLION old tires are in US landfills
click on pic to see how one man is making $$$ off discarded tires